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Cleaning services for educational institutions 

Our cleaning services for educational institutions include schools, colleges, universities and colleges.

Cleaning of educational institutions require frequent sanitisation and cleaning to ensure the areas remain sanitary and bug free. Larger amounts of people increases the chance of disease, making this all hte mor important. The cleaning services teams for schools/cooleges and varsities that papers are picked up, rubbish bins cleaned, floors are swept and washed, windows are sparkling and surface areas cleaned.

We also have sanitation dispensers which are hired out and refilled as needed for the bathrooms and restrooms. Having a clean and smell free environment is encouraging to the studetns and staff, incresing the productivity and loyalty to your institution. 

Cleaning services safety

Cleaning staff are trained to adhere to safety standards in the prevention of unnecessary accidents. Eg  sign posting of wet floors

For the rates on schools, colleges and varsity cleaning services:

The Cleaning Lady Contact for a quote on professional cleaning services. 

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